Feb 13, 2012

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Over 50% of US Households Have Video Game Systems

Over 50% of US Households Have Video Game Systems

In a new survey that was released earlier this week, Nielson revealed some interesting facts. The information was released over Twitter and showed that over 56% of the households in the United States have a current generation console, and about 39% have some kind of iOS device.

The report also showed that over the last year, people are playing more games and playing on more platforms. Some other interesting facts include that overall game playing time had increased 7 percent.

The report also pointed out that the increased game time has supplemented their habit. It seems gamers are actually playing more games across more devices. It also seems that Android gamers fit into the 25-34 range, and the iOS gamers seem to have a more even spread across all age-groups.

The report pointed that going into next year more and more companies are going to focus on digital sales and cross-platform play.

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