Feb 11, 2012

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Video Game Sales Go Down In January

Video Game Sales Go Down In January

It seems that sales dropped a bit more than expected this past January. Analysts attribute this to the lack of new releases last month. Not as many new games sold, which could be because gamers were still playing some games from last year.

New games did sell though, generating about $379.6 million is sales, which is a decline of 37% from the year before in the same month where games like Dead Space 2 or Little Big Planet 2 came out to help generate sales.

Most of the sales from January were from games that came out in 2011. Titles likes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lead the charge in sales. Just Dance 3 was also in the topped the list.

Accessory sales didn’t increase either. Those sales dropped 18%. Accessory sales actually were strongly represented by Activision with Skylanders at 22%.

NPD speculates that a majority of sales in the video game industry were outside of retail sales, which they track. These sales include used games, digital downloads, social game revenue, video game rentals and subscriptions would probably contribute another $300-$400 million in sales.

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