Feb 10, 2012

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Rising Star USA “Does Not Affect Us In Any Way” Says Xseed

Rising Star USA “Does Not Affect Us In Any Way” Says Xseed

A couple days ago, it was announced that Rising Star USA had bought out Marvelous AQL’s North American assets with the plan to set up their own publishing business in the territory. Siliconera got in touch with localization publisher Xseed Games to see how they viewed the presence of Rising Star in the United States and if they thought it would affect their operations.

In an email, Xseed’s Director of Publishing Ken Berry replied:

“Rising Star’s expansion into the North American market does not affect us in any way. We have worked with them many times in the past where the games we localize into English for the North American market we hand off to them for a European release later, and that relationship will continue.”

“We have never licensed anything they publish in Europe for North America before, so chances are anything their new U.S. branch publishes is something that we wouldn’t be publishing anyways.”

Though Xseed Games is owned by Marvelous AQL, the buyout by Rising Star does not give either company formal affiliation with each other. Rising Star used its own assets to set up their own operation so that Marvelous AQL could withdraw from the region.

[Source: Siliconera]