Feb 9, 2012

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DoubleFine: Crowdsourcing Viable Revenue Source

DoubleFine: Crowdsourcing Viable Revenue Source

Adventure games are dead, right? Everyone’s been saying that for more than ten years (at least). Still, companies like TellTale make their business of making them, and plenty of indie devs still release point-and-clicks. But most publishers don’t take them seriously, and so when DoubleFine decided they wanted to make a new adventure game (which is where their roots are, after all), rather than going the traditional publisher route, they turned to crowdsourcing.

Launching a campaign on Kickstarter, the company hoped to raise $400K over the course of a month to fund their new game. Within hours, the goal was met and exceeded. As of this writing, nearly $1 million in funds have been raised, proving that gamers are still interested in the genre–and, more importantly, respect DoubleFine and know they’ll come up with a great product.

As part of the privilege of funding the project, those who contribute will also be able to give input into the game and act as testers. The money raised will also be used to produce a documentary chronicling the game production experience.

It’s definitely encouraging to see the gaming community rally together, and may bring a message to publishers that they don’t necessarily have all the answers when it comes to knowing what consumers want.

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