Feb 9, 2012

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5 Games To Play With Your Sweetheart

5 Games To Play With Your Sweetheart

Is your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day to curl up on the couch with your sweetheart, controllers in hand? Don’t worry; we have you covered in the Top Five Games to Play With Your Sweetheart.

5. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This game has some fantastic co-op moments, and even allows up to four players to play at once. The game plays like any other classic Mario game, sidescrolling through levels. And if one of the players isn’t confident in their abilities, they can get into a safety bubble and float through the level until they are ready to play. It should also be noted the game has a slight competitive edge in as well, keeping track of scores and lives based on each player. This should be good fun if any of you have a Wii.

4. Little Big Planet 2

This is another game that has some great sidescrolling action in it. But there is a little more to it than that. The game is pretty much the cutest thing you could play with your loved one. She may gus all over the place at their little Sackboy faces or the little movements and gestures that they make. Let’s not forgot the customization options as well. You two could spend hours creating a level together. If you get bored, you can also connect to the PlayStation Network and download some new levels, besides also going through the main game together. An all in all fantastic package.