Feb 7, 2012

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My 5 Favorite Video Game Bromances

My 5 Favorite Video Game Bromances


3. (Male) Hawke & Anders

(Dragon Age II)

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Some may object to this listing, partially because Anders is gay (and many consider bromances to be strictly between straight males); others may object because you can choose to make your male Hawke gay and romance Anders in the game. However, I include it on this list because depending on how you play the game–with your straight Hawke (or even a gay Hawke if you don’t romance Anders), the two of them definitely have a huge bromance going on. In my playthrough with a straight male Hawke, Anders and he were very close friends, Hawke choosing to side with him in the end even though he didn’t necessarily think what he had done was right. As much as I disliked a lot of DAII, the characters were where Bioware went right, and the relationship between Anders and Hawke is one reason I enjoyed the game.


2. Sissel & Missile

(Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective)

I’ve said before that Missile was one of my absolute favorite new video game characters, and it’s a shame that the narrative of Ghost Trick doesn’t really set itself up for a sequel–not only because the game itself was fresh and enjoyable and creative, but also because I’d love to see Missile again. That said, Sissel and Missile form an unlikely friendship in the game, each helping each other (through their various Ghost Tricks) to save the day and learn the truth about Sissel’s past.  And their names rhyme. That’s can’t be coincidence. I’d love to say more–but don’t want to spoil the game if you haven’t already played it!


1. Akhiko and Shinji

(Persona 3)

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The Persona games are full of bromances; I could easily have included the main character and Yosuke from Persona 4, for example. Still, I had to end this list with two of the guys from Persona 3 instead: Akhiko Sanada and Shinjiro Aragaki. Even though their relationship (on-camera, anyway) is short-lived, the friendship between Akhiko and Shinji in Persona 3 is one of my favorite video game bromances. Each character has a dark past, but each approaches it differently, and it’s interesting to see how their stories evolve and feed off each other (especially in the portable version, where you can learn a bit more about Shinji if you romance him as a female character). Most characters who die in RPGs (or any video game) are fairly disposable, but Atlus managed an example of the tragic bromance, creating an interesting, intriguing character whom you sorely miss when he’s gone.  Akhiko and Shinji forever. (Warning: the video above–after the credits–may be NSFW.)