Feb 7, 2012

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My 5 Favorite Video Game Bromances

My 5 Favorite Video Game Bromances

The term “Bromance” has been in use for almost ten years, and refers to a close, nonsexual friendship between two men. The term is a portmanteau of the words “brother” and “romance,” originally coined by author/editor Dave Carnie in Big Brother Magazine to describe the relationship between skaters. The term has obviously taken off in popular culture and now has a much broader definition. In fact, there’s even a social network in beta just for bromancers.

The world of video games is full of them, with Gears of War and Army of Two usually topping most game-related bromance lists.  In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to create my own list–my personal favorite video game bromances. I also decided to avoid many of the “traditional” bromances on this list and go with some newer and less conventional ones you may not have thought about.  Feel free to chime in with your list in the comments.


5. Sam & Max

(Sam & Max franchise)

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In some ways, other than our military friends listed in the intro (and that appear on almost every list like this), Sam and Max are your textbook bromance.  They live together, work together, and generally have a relationship that’s maybe just a little too close (especially on Max’s end). If that isn’t enough, they’re rarely separated–you don’t refer to “Sam” and “Max,” but rather, “Sam & Max.” In fact, in one of the more recent episodes, there’s an optional scene in which Sam finds an engagement ring and imagines Max accepting his proposal.


4. Professor Layton & Luke

(Professor Layton franchise)

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I know what you’re thinking–it’s maybe not fair to include this pair since Luke’s only a kid. But really, they are one of the biggest bromances in video gaming. Although you could argue that the relationship between these two is more of a father/son relationship than a true bromance, I would argue that in many ways, Layton treats Luke more of an equal than a son.  They’ve had plenty of adventures together, and it’s likely they will have many more.  We know Layton has loved and lost, so for now, it’s just him and Luke (with the occasional additional sidekick).