Feb 7, 2012

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Indie Royale’s “Valentine’s Bundle” Open for Pre-Orders

Indie Royale’s “Valentine’s Bundle” Open for Pre-Orders

Indie Royale has opened up pre-orders for their upcoming Valentine’s Day Bundle, guaranteeing at least four different games, all playable on Windows PC in some form.  The recommended price is set at $5.00, with an additional option open at $10 for those wanting to further show their support (also earning yourself an ‘Iron Star’).  Alternatively, you can pre-order the bundle for the minimum of $3.99 or set your own price with a $25 minimum worth a ‘Bronze Star,’ $50 worth a ‘Silver Star,’ and $200 worth a ‘Gold Star.’

While the upcoming bundle is available to pre-order, purchasers must do so blindly because the four guaranteed titles have yet to be revealed.  Gamasutra has revealed details on the games offered including a fantastical first-person action-adventure game (Steam for PC), an IGF-nominated puzzle adventure title (Steam for PC and Mac, Desura for PC and Linux, DRM-free PC, Mac and Linux download), a ‘scorching’ single and multiplayer arcade-strategy game (Steam for PC and Mac), and a world premiere on PC for a pair of retro RPG-defense games (Desura for PC, DRM-free PC download).

Those who pre-order now can lock in the lowest price (set at $3.99), download the games once they become available, and receive as a bonus One Life Left’s ‘Music To Play Games By Too’ compilation available for the first time digitally.  For those wanting the bonus but not willing to jump without knowing the games in the bundle, paying more then the minimum will net you the compilation as well.

The Valentine’s Day Bundle will launch later this week for $3.99 USD.  As with previous bundles, the more people that buy, the higher the price becomes.  Those feeling more generous then others can knock the price down by purchasing the bundle for anything higher then the current price.

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