Feb 5, 2012

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How The Vita Can Succeed

How The Vita Can Succeed

It is no secret that Sony’s new portable has not sold as well as the company envisioned, even it the company’s native Japan.  In January, Vivid Gamer reported that the Vita had reached the 500,000 units sold mark, roughly a month after the portable’s launch.  With two core offerings for the Vita, a WiFi only model for $249.99 and a 3G/WiFi model for $299.99.  For those gamers that are especially eager to grab the PS Vita, Sony is offering a bundle containing the 3G/WiFi Vita, a carrying case, a 4GB Vita card and Little Deviants early, releasing on February 15.

When the Vita debuted as the Vita at E3 in 2011 Sony had just experienced a tough outing with the PSPGo.  Sony is banking a lot on the success of its new portable and while most indications are that Sony heard the cries of developers when designing the Vita, there are still a number of places Sony needs to work on for the system to be a success.

The Vita has an enormous amount of potential.  Something clearly seen if you have taken the time to  watch youtube users playing AAA titles like Killzone 3 remotely using the Vita.  It will take a lot more than that to keep most gamers interested though.  The Vita needs to prove that it is the ultimate portable device, something that can be shown through quick loading times in the system itself and during gameplay.  Going in and out of gameplay quickly is extremely important for a portable.  More than that, developers must help Sony prove that there are practical applications for some of the Vita’s internal hardware like the six-axis motion sensing system and multiple cameras.  The incorporation of these features must be there for more than just show.  Sony needs to prove that there are practical reasons for including this hardware in its new system.