Feb 5, 2012

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And Super Bowl XLVI Winner Is…

And Super Bowl XLVI Winner Is…

It’s game day. You’ve prepared for this all season. The anticipation you felt before the first snap of the football season after a lingering lockout, the endorphins that coursed through your body after that much needed win, the heartbreak that ensued after an injury to your favorite player, and the disgust you felt after a loss, all lead up to this day. You’ve  spent hours on the internet perusing countless number of web pages to look up stats and facts to convince yourself that your team has an edge.

Tom Brady’s won 3 Super Bowls.

The Giants embarrassed the Patriots on the main stage and ruined their undefeated season.

The Patriots are out for revenge.

The Giants are looking to take advantage of a statistically weak defense.

The Giants will win. The Patriots will win.

Don’t worry. We at Vivid Gamer are looking to help tackle the question that plagues the thousands of football fans out there: Who will win the Super Bowl? Now, we don’t have an exact science for calculating the winner, but we do have Madden 12. Since Madden isn’t always the best simulation of what will happen in the NFL, we put the Patriots v. Giants match-up through a three game, best two out of three gauntlet and here are the results:

Game 1

NE (W) v. NYG (L): 32-29

The Rundown: This was the of the closest game in the three simulations with both offenses staying productive throughout the game, even with strong performances by the dueling defenses. Tom Brady threw for 295 yards with only 1 touchdown to show for it. He was intercepted twice and sacked 5 times. BenJarvus Green-Ellis added 112 yards and a touchdown through the ground game. New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning threw for 264 yards and two touchdowns, but faltered by throwing two interceptions and by being sacked five times. The game came down to special teams when all was said and done, and this game rolled in New England’s direction.

MVP: Gostkowski (K) (6-6; including the game winner)

Game 2

NE (L) v. NYG (W): 7-41

The Rundown: The New York Giants stormed out on the field and never stopped running. Eli Manning had a fantastic game, sporting 281 yards through the air along with two touchdowns. Coupled with the stellar play by Manning was the ground game with Ahmad Bradshaw leading all rushers with 122 rushing yards through 15 carries. New York’s defense didn’t disappoint either, limiting New England’s total offense to just 181 yards and the passing attack to a total 56 yards. Tom Brady played one of his worst career games, being sacked 11 times and throwing 5 interceptions.

MVP: Manning (QB) (QBR- 94.5, 281 yards, 2 TD)

Game 3

NE (W) v. NYG (L): 33-16

The Rundown: This game proved to be another lob-sided affair with the Patriots running away with the game in the 4th quarter.  There was very strong play by the New England offense, posting 445 total yards on offense with Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis putting 251 yards and 3 touchdowns through the ground off of 43 rushes. Tom Brady threw for 209 yards and an interception but failed to score a touchdown. The New York Giants posted some decent numbers. Eli Manning threw for 242 yards and a touchdown while Brandon Jacobs ran for 61 yards. New England’s defense hit when it counted though, forcing a fumble and sacking Manning 5 times.

MVP: Green Ellis/Woodhead (RB) (43 att, 251 yards, 3 TD)



And the Super Bowl winner is… 

VG Super Bowl Champion Prediction: New England Patriots

Like I said earlier, Madden isn’t the best simulation for what will actually happen today during the Super Bowl, but that’s why we wanted to simulate three games. To see the official Madden 12 Super Bowl Prediction check out this video:

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