Feb 2, 2012

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GFace: A New Social Network and Game Streaming Service

GFace: A New Social Network and Game Streaming Service

Crytek, the video game company that brought us Crysis, is working on a social network and game streaming service called GFace.  Right off the bat, a comparison can be made towards OnLive, but where OnLive delivers a game to you on a video stream, GFace aims to make the device it’s streaming to a unique experience.  Not sure where they are going with the name, but I am hoping it stands for something like “GameFace.”

There are similarities to a number of services that GFace aims to incorporate.  Things like a media share with party members like on Xbox Live with Netflix or perhaps a status update, like with Twitter and Facebook where you can share interests and post things on somebody’s wall.  But what it does different is rather intriguing. Let’s say you are invited to a game of Battlefield 3, but you aren’t at your computer; however you do have your iPhone with you, or similar smartphone.  GFace will have an app that will let you join the game, but you are controlling from the perspective of maybe an air support camera.  So you are shooting down from the sky instead of a full on first person mode.

Right now, the service is in closed beta, with no announced release date.

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