Feb 1, 2012

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Kaz Hirai Named Sony President and CEO

Kaz Hirai Named Sony President and CEO

PlayStation’s resident marketing guru Kaz Hirai, a man with no shortage of anecdotes about Ridge Racer and taking things to the next level, is moving up in the world. Come April 1 (no, this will not be an elaborate April Fool’s Joke), Hirai will become the president and CEO of Sony Corp., taking over the position recently held by Howard Stringer.

What does this mean for PlayStation gamers? Not much, for the time being. If Kaz can successfully reverse Sony’s trend of taking hits with R&D costs and expensive hardware, the PlayStation brand might gain some leeway for risks. Hell, if Kaz arranged less commercials featuring crying babies or Kevin Butler on a horse, I’d view his reign as a success. The pressing issue of the day is Vita: will sales in Europe and the United States trump the early disappointments in Japan? I believe so, but part of that answer lies with Kaz’s ability to present the product to people in the proper process.

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