Jan 30, 2012

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Sony May Be The Last To Release Their Next Console

Sony May Be The Last To Release Their Next Console

You have all seen the rumors.  You know the ones about the next generation consoles coming out?  Some of those rumors are dating the consoles for coming out in 2012, others in 2013, and even 2014.  Well according to Sony’s own Phillipe Cardon, the PlayStation 4 will probably be the last of the next generation consoles to come out.

“It’s true that there are a lot of rumors, but I can’t tell you anything,” he told French site Lepoint.fr (translated via Eurogamer). “The Wii is under time pressure because it’s in decline. As far as we’re concerned, we’re under a lot less pressure. We were the last to release the PS3, we will probably be the last to announce something.”

Microsoft will probably make the next move as to the announcement of their next console.  I expect them to make some sort of announcement regarding their console at E3 this year. Keep your fingers crossed, things are getting interesting.

[Source: IndustryGamers]