Jan 30, 2012

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Kinect for PCs Could be Built-in

Kinect for PCs Could be Built-in

Microsoft is reportedly working with Asus to bring Kinect-enabled PC devices to market, separate from the already announced PC-specific Kinect device.  These new laptops will automatically have the Kinect technology built in.

TheDaily has reported that a Microsoft-backed PC Kinect with Windows 8 has already been prototyped and will be offered by Asus in the near future.  The report has shown that these Asus laptops will have sensors built-in above the laptops screens where webcams would normally be while underneath the display will be a set of LED lights.

Reports have indicated that a Microsoft employee close to the project has confirmed the deal with Asus and has stated that Microsoft will more than likely make their own Kinect-based laptops in-house.

[Source: IndustryGamers]