Jan 27, 2012

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Netflix Nixes Plans To Offer Video Game Rentals

Netflix Nixes Plans To Offer Video Game Rentals

When Netflix made its misguided attempt to split its DVD and Streaming services into two separate companies, the concept of video game rentals had arisen. When the company decided Qwikster wasn’t such a good idea after all, the issue of video game rentals wasn’t addressed. Now, after a period of silence, CEO Reed Hastings announced on a conference call with investors that the company will be sticking to TV and movies for now.

I can say that if the company had offered such a service, they would have been major competition for RedBox and Gamefly. Had they gone through with the game rental service, I may have added that to my Netflix Streaming service as well. It would have helped me save a lot of money over the holiday this past year.

Still, with Netflix already struggling–the call revealed an overall increase in subscribers, but a decrease in their most profitable DVD customers–it’s not surprising they don’t want to take a risk with games.

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