Jan 26, 2012

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Nintendo May Be Renaming The Wii U

Nintendo May Be Renaming The Wii U

Things are happening in Japan. Big things, and one of those things is the Wii U. After disappointing sales with the 3DS, Nintendo is possibly trying to thing of ways differentiate its products. And one of those may be changing the name of its new video game console. And let’s be clear, this is just a rumor, it may not pan out at all to be true.

Confusion over the 3DS prompted Nintendo to change the packaging over the the games for that system so that it had a bright sticker, signifying that those games are for that system. It appears Nintendo doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes with the DS and 3DS confusion. Given that confusion, it is likely that they may change the name of their new system, so that is it is not mistaken for the Wii.

A fairly large focus of the Wii U will be the controller of the system. It is a tablet like device, able to stream the video signal of the system to the controller wirelessly. This will also be Nintendo’s first foray into the HD era, as it stayed away from that with the release of the Wii, which was more or less a more powerful Gamecube.