Jan 26, 2012

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Insomniac Done With Resistance

Insomniac Done With Resistance

Ted Price of Insomniac Games confirmed today in a video posted on YouTube that it is “not moving on with the Resistance franchise.”

The natural question of “Why” was answered by Price almost immediately, stating that the company believes the game has reached “its logical conclusion.”  The door for Resistance games is still open however, since any number of Sony’s studios can make use of the Resistance title.

This announcement will have no impact on the upcoming Vita release of Resistance: Burning Skies, which is being developed by Nihilistic Software based in California.

Sony responded to the news in a statement to IGN, writing that Sony has “had a long and positive relationship with Insomniac and wish them the best of success on their new project Overstrike.”  Overstrike is being published by Electronic Arts and is the companies first multi-platform game and is set in the near-future.  An elite four-man/woman squad known as ‘Overstrike 9′ must save the world from terrorist who threaten to “wipe out humankind.”  The game does not currently have a firm release date but is expected in Summer 2012.

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