Jan 25, 2012

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Jump Out! App Updated With Innovative Achievements

Jump Out! App Updated With Innovative Achievements

Avallon Alliance Ltd.’s latest update to the iOS title Jump Out! rolled out last week and introduced a new principle and philosophy of achievement. Whereas most titles available on the iOS devices only offer points and a small trophy/medal for accomplishing something, Jump Out! takes it a step further.

New levels are unlocked with unique game mechanics that are tailored towards the achievement you earned. This adds more excitement and gameplay to the title. Each of the bonus levels will allow the player to sacrifice everything to get the trophy.

One example of this is earning the Oldman achievement for playing for an hour straight would unlock a level in which you watch your character roll from room to room slowly to collect the trophy. Another example would be unlocking the Tyrant achievement for killing over 250 enemies. Your reward would be a special level that can only be completed if you lay down a carpet made of the corpses of your characters on top of sharp nails and roll over it.

The achievements are paired with a humorous illustration that provides a hint for the unlocked level. Each achievement unlocks only one special level from the Trophy Room pack. But with the number of achievements being 30, that means there are 30 extra unique levels in addition to the title.

[Source: Avallon Alliance Ltd.]