Jan 25, 2012

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Get A MoPed License in Persona 4 The Golden

Get A MoPed License in Persona 4 The Golden

One of the other new features introduced in Persona 4 The Golden is the ability to get a MoPed license. Doing so will grant you a new battle attack, the bike pursuit attack, in which you can ride the bike into the fight. Access to this new form of mobility will also enable you to move beyond Inaba, allowing you to visit a nearby beach and town. How you earn the license, however, has not been revealed.

What has been revealed is that Madhouse, the animation studio behind Paranoia Agent and the Marvel Anime series, is in charge of the anime opening for the game.

Persona 4 The Golden arrives this spring in Japan for the Vita; no North American release date has yet been set, but hopefully we’ll hear an announcement from Atlus USA soon.

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