Jan 24, 2012

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Ciel No Surge, Gust’s PlayStation Vita Game, Revealed

Ciel No Surge, Gust’s PlayStation Vita Game, Revealed

With less than a month to go for the Vita’s official North American release, gamers are looking to see what all titles are in development for the new handheld. Teasers from Gust, the Japanese company known for their Ar Tonelico and Atelier series, reveal Ciel no Surge: Song of the Lost Star’s Offering.

Ciel no Surge follows a young girl named Ionasol, or Ion for short, who has lost her memory. Players will use the touch screen to pick choices in order to interact her. Another gameplay feature is the bar code reader that connects the title to the world beyond. Online connectivity has also been planned; however, Gust has made no details known about their plans.

Ion, the light brown haired girl in the above image, will be cared for by the players for three years. Commands will vary depending on where Ion is. An example would be the ability to select choices like cooking or create a pastry for when Ion is in the kitchen.

The world in Ciel no Surge is called La Ciel and song magic is used to control the sun, which is harmful. The game takes place in a floating city named Coron.

This is the first title in the Surge Concerto series for the PlayStation Vita. The new series uses the concept of seven dimensions. This world view is planned to serve as a base for several titles spanning across the different platforms. Ciel no Surge is slated for a release on April 26.

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