Jan 24, 2012

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2011′s XBLA Games by the Numbers

2011′s XBLA Games by the Numbers

Last year’s XBLA was hit with many high quality games, including Bastion, Orcs Must Die, and Ms. Splosion Man.  Gaming site Gamasutra released some lists detailing the bestsellers of last year as well as the overall top-20 most-downloaded arcade titles.  For the latter part of 2011, the Kinect download Fruit Ninja Kinect stormed ahead, with nearly 740K players (though this was likely due to it’s bundling with the peripheral and The Gunstringer), while its two runner-ups. Toy Soldiers: Cold War and Bastion hovered around 200K.

Something to note is how strong many old favorites are selling, including the wildly popular Castle Crashers and Trials HD.  Other popular titles, like last year’s Limbo or Epic’s Shadow Complex continue to thrive on XBLA ,with sales each breaking six figures.  In fact, older titles comprise over half of the 20 best selling XBLA games of 2011!

It’s nice to see Beyond Good & Evil HD and From Dust make the top 20, though some of my favorites barely missed the mark, like ilomilo and Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched).  The list itself isn’t necessarily a perfect one, though, with individual sales numbers missing, as well as confusing totals due to multiplayer users, retail bundles, etc.  As a whole, though, it gives us a solid enough understanding of the top-20 games of the past year.

The other lists found below are informative, but are far too large to go into great detail.  Some things of note are the low sales of many Japanese-developed titles, including Bangai-O HD and Trouble Witches Neo, barely making 30,000 sales together.  Then again, its sales weren’t nearly as abysmal as the horribly reviewed Lucha Fury, which did so poorly that it was dropped from the XBLA marketplace altogether.


With 2011 behind us, 2012 is looking to be even better for the XBLA.  Coming next month is the Xbox Live House Party headlined by I Am Alive and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.  We also have Fez, Spelunky, Skullgirls, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Skulls Of The Shogun to look forward to as well.  With other major releases like Gotham City Imposters, THPS HD and Behemoth’s Battleblock Theatre releasing this year, we may have one of the best lineups for the XBLA platform ever.

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