Jan 18, 2012

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SOPA Protesters Seek To Enlist A Lobbyist Firm

SOPA Protesters Seek To Enlist A Lobbyist Firm

A group of technology buffs have come together to hire their own lobbyist firm.  It seems that this group feels like signing a petition or calling your Senator may not be enough. They are currently raising money to reach a $10,000 goal in order to get the ball rolling on their lobbyist firm idea.  The team is made up of developers, designers, and software engineers.

This group of people, calling themselves “We the Lobby,” found with some research that Congress members had very little knowledge about the Internet and are often uneducated about its intricacies.  They have found that most of their education comes from lobbyist groups.  Imagine what a lobbyist group could do to educate them about what SOPA does, and how it could limit free speech and censor the internet.

For now the group is accepting pledges and will not charge credit cards until the $10,000 dollar goal is met.  As of this writing they still have not found a lobbyist group to represent them in their dealings. The deadline for meeting their goal will be February 16th.  If they are near their goal around that time, they may extend it a little in an attempt to meet their goal.

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