Jan 12, 2012

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Unofficial Pushmo Level Editor Makes Puzzle Creation a Snap

Unofficial Pushmo Level Editor Makes Puzzle Creation a Snap

An unofficial Pushmo level editor has surfaced for PC thanks to the work of GBATemp member elisherer. The program emulates the studio game mode from Nintendo’s 3DS e-shop title Pushmo, allowing users to create fully functional puzzles from the comfort of their PC.

The application boasts a visually larger grid than the one provided in Pushmo Studio, which may come as a relief to those worried about accurate pixel placement. Just like the in game, the puzzles created by elisherer’s Pushmo Level Editor can be condensed into QR codes and shared with the world. The application also allows QR codes to be opened and edited, and adds a nifty feature not available in the game: image importing.

Be careful, however, because with this application the puzzle doesn’t have to be solvable before it can be saved as a QR code! Remember, it is good etiquette playtest puzzles before sharing them with the Pushmo community. Those itching to get started on sharing their ingenious puzzle ideas with the world can download the application here.

[Source: TinyCartridge ]