Jan 12, 2012

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OnLive Coming To A TV Near You

OnLive Coming To A TV Near You

The popular online streaming service, OnLive, announced today that that it would be coming to GoogleTV.  Most people make use of the service through low end PCs, or the console that hooks straight through your TV.  OnLive is a service where the user pays for a single game or a subscription fee to access a library of games provided by the service. The games themselves are not stored or downloaded in any fashion.  They are instead streamed to the end-user to play.

“We’re excited that OnLive will be making the highest-quality videogames available to all Google TV users,” said Shanna Prevé, Google TV Content Partnerships. “OnLive’s groundbreaking instant-play service truly demonstrates the versatility and power of Google TV.”

The integration of the service will be basic at first, only allowing the social networking features of the service, like viewing your messages from your friends and your friends list.  The actual game streaming service will come later down the line, and will also be playable with the use of OnLive’s wireless controller.  No release date was actually given for the game streaming portion of the service.

“OnLive integration into Google TV is a huge leap forward for videogames,” said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. “Consumers have come to expect instant gratification with music, movies and video. Now, with OnLive, players in the US and soon in the UK can just as easily stream the highest-quality games to their Google TV devices for play instantly on demand, without discs or downloads.”

The OnLive Game Service is currently available on TVs, via Google TV or the OnLive MicroConsole, PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, and soon will be available on Blu-ray players, media streamers and set-top boxes.

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