Dec 21, 2011

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Xbox Marketplace Update: December 21, 2011

Xbox Marketplace Update: December 21, 2011

We’re just days away from Christmas, and it looks like Microsoft has kicked things up for the Holidays.  Besides a huge selection of great games on sale until the new year, Microsoft is running a 12 days of Xbox deals promotion where each day has a specific item on sale for 24 hours.  The promotion started yesterday (with one of my top 5 Xbox 360 games of 2011, Bastion) and continues on for the next 11 days.  Unfortunately, we won’t know what games will be on sale so be sure to check your marketplaces or everyday for updates.

Special Deals

December 20 – January 2

  • L.A. Noire – Rockstar Pass (Add-On) – 960 pts 480 pts
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – 1200 pts 600 pts
  • Renegade Ops – 1200 pts 600 pts
  • Elder Scrolls Oblivion – (varies by location)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – (varies by location)
  • Plants vs Zombies – 1200 pts 600 pts
  • Peggle – 800 pts 400 pts
  • Peggle Nights – 400 pts 200 pts
  • BloodRayne Betrayal – 1200 pts 600 pts
  • After Burner Climax – 800 pts 400 pts
  • Portal: Still Alive – 1200 pts 600 pts
There’s also a decent amount of avatar items for half off on the marketplace that you can view here if you really want to.
Xbox LIVE Arcade
Trine 2
Release Date: December 21, 2011
Price: 1200 pts
Developer: Frozenbyte Inc
Publisher: Atlus
Experience a world of stunning beauty, potent magic, and perilous adventure…one in which you may travel alone or with friends. Play as the powerful knight, the swift rogue, and the crafty wizard in this physics-based, action-platformer with 3-player local and online multiplayer. Make the most of each character’s unique skills and tools to find your way through each puzzling stage of this breathtakingly beautiful adventure. Brought together by chance and bound by a powerful ancient magic, a knight, a thief, and a wizard must now work together to undo the spell cast upon them and defeat an undead army threatening the kingdom. Each is uniquely specialized; the knight is master of strength and steel, his mighty sword capable of felling any foe. The thief is fast and dextrous, highly proficient with bow and arrow. The wizard dominates his surroundings, manipulating the environment around him. Together, there is no enemy or obstacle that can stand in their way.
Games on Demand
  • UFC Personal Trainer – (are you serious?) $59.99 – This Kinect only title allows players the chance to virtually train with UFC pros like Urijah Faber and Jonny “Bones” Jones in a myriad of activities including bag work and hitting the mits.  The various lines spouted by your trainers become tired as does the training itself but you can get a decent enough workout if you put the time in.  Still at a baffling $60 there really is no reason to download this game.  Do yourself a favor and pick up Dance Central 2 which is another great Kinect workout that you’ll have more fun with and can be purchased for only $25.
  • Michael Jackson: The Experience – $39.99 – Though not as ridiculously priced as the above, The King of Pops title is nowhere near the quality one would hope for.  For further details, check out my review posted back in April.
  • Rock Band 3 – $19.99 – The final Harmonix entry into the flooded music peripheral genre, Rock Band 3brings keyboards into the mix.  If you’ve owned one before (who hasn’t?) then you already know what to expect.
  • L.A. Noire – $39.99 – This 3-disc title wowed gamers when it released earlier this year with incredible facial animations and a narrative that changed based on players choices.  Ultimately the plot chugged on as originally intended and in some parts the game felt like it dragged, but overall the title was enjoyable and well worth your time.  If you’ve yet to check it out, read Juan’s review and pick up the game (under $20 on amazon.)

Notable DLC

  • UFC App – Free – Microsoft and Zuffa had previously announced an agreement letting Xbox Live gold members get exclusive content through their Xboxes as well as stream future pay per views.  In time for the New Year comes the UFC App and to show Xbox Live members it’s appreciation, they’re letting everyone get next week’s UFC 141 pay-per-view for free!  Normally selling for $45 ($55 for HD) take the opportunity to “purchase” your copy to watch two of the biggest heavyweights (Lesnar/Overeem) collide next friday.
  • Hole in the Wall – 800 pts 400 pts – One of the deals of the day is the downloadable version of Hole in the Wall.  Playable only with Kinect, the game is surprisingly fun though I still can’t say it’s worth $5.  I can, however, say that you should watch this video.
  • Leedmees – 800 pts 400 pts – The other deal of the day is another Kinect exclusive tasking players with guiding the Leedmees to their goal using your body.  A unique puzzle game that includes a co-op mode where members must work together to create platforms.
  • EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2 – Demo - Relive or rewrite the 2011 Wimbledon final match on Centre Court between the top 2 seeded players in the world, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Feel the true excitement and emotion of championship tennis with Grand Slam Tennis 2 in this 3 game set. Total Racquet Control allows users to swing their racquet using the right stick, giving optimum feel and response. Play by yourself or against a friend.

As always, be sure to check back every week for your Xbox Marketplace Update.  Follow me on twitter for updates on the 12 days of holiday deals and have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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