Dec 19, 2011

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Steam Holiday Sale Starts Today

Steam Holiday Sale Starts Today

Hide your wallets: Steam’s holiday sale starts today and runs until January 1, with daily deals offering savings of 75% or more in some cases. That’s on top of publisher catalog sales and publisher bundle sales, of course.

In addition to sales, and similar to the promos from the summer sale, you can participate in different challenges to try to win big.

The Great Gift Pile challenges gamers to complete up to six objectives each day. Completion of each objective grants the chance to win a free game or discount coupons for select games available on Steam. If you don’t win, no worries, you’ll be given a piece of coal. But hold onto that coal! Why? Coal is the ticket to enter the Epic Holiday Giveaway. It’s called Epic because the top prize is every game on Steam. The more coal you have, the better your chance of winning. Players may alternatively choose to magically mix their coal into something shiny and new by “crafting” seven pieces into a gift from the Great Gift Pile. So this year receiving coal is a good thing. Didn’t get what you want? Of course Steam allows you to trade coal and prizes with your friends.

Steam deals reset at 9AM every day, so you still have time to snatch up today’s deals, which include the Portal and Fable franchises, just to name a couple. Vivid Gamer isn’t responsible for any draining of pocket books which may occur as a result of this sale.

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