Dec 19, 2011

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Trophy Hunter

Holiday Gift Guide: The Trophy Hunter

There is no doubt that Trophies/Achievements have changed the way we view games. Some games have tasks that are even laughable to consider doing, while others require minimal effort at best. This might not matter for everyone, but I it does for some, and that makes you wonder what games are easy? Well, look no further, as this guide will give you many great choices for the trophy/achievement collector in your life!


Saint Seiya Senki

Beat-em-ups like Shin Sangoku Musō have a history of being long platinums.  Saint Seiya Senki isn’t too different, but relatively zero skill is required. The whole game is a mad dash to finish frankly everything as quickly as possible. This is made easy by poorly planned skills, like the unlimited continues and the degree stats affect your character. This offers you the simple task of out leveling the challenge. If this isn’t enough to sell you, then I got more. Similar to Bayonetta, the gameplay is quite solid. Combine this with a fantastic story, and what more could you ask for?


Tekken Hybrid

Fighting games are traditionally a skill-based genera, but Tekken seems to be the odd man out. After the joke of a platinum six was, Hybrid offers you two games to dominate. The first is an HD remake of the original Tekken Tag game. Here you’re basically asked to complete several commands which are more than doable with two controllers. After that you’re asked to beat various modes, but similar to Street Fighter IV, there is a lariatesc method to exploit. This is so easy one gamer platinumed in under two hours. In addition to Tekken Tag, you’re given Tekken Tag 2 Prologue. This game requires nothing past some simple inputs and several cycles of the extremely short arcade.


Sonic Generations

Many people had nothing good to say about Unleashed, trophy wise, but Generations resolved all those issues. Most of the tasks required you to simply beat the game fast or take another path. This virtually did nothing, but shows you the scope of the actual game. From there the challenges were anything but challenging. The hardest task is beating the end boss flawlessly, though it’s an extremely scripted fight.




Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

Childrens’ games tend to be easier, but All 4 One borders on a joke. Playing with others gives you an illogical amount of bolts. By simply playing one match with a full room, you will get more than the whole campaign alone. This will allow you to pay off any problem you may face, but also makes some trickier trophies extremely easy. When you combine it with the fact that others can flat out do the tasks for you, is there really any reason you don’t have the platinum?





Bodycount starts by offering you a pathetically short campaign, during which most tasks will come naturally. You may have to replay a few areas for some trickier tasks, but overall, it’s a slam dunk. The online is required, and is sadly dead. However, only one other person is required to do every online task, which is virtually just playing a hoard mode anyways.  When you combine it with the fact many got this in under a day,  is there any doubt it was easy?

As an additional gift you can also link them to my guide, which makes the platinum of so much easier.



Killzone 3

After many complained about the insane difficulty of Killzone 2, Killzone 3 saw a sharp decrease in effort.  With the campaign lacking anything even remotely close to Radec, the difficulty was fairly low for a shooters campaign. When you combine it with the fact that the online requirements went from getting in the top 1% that week, plus reaching general rank, to the most difficult task being “get a brutal melee,” it’s hard to see the difficulty. Many gamers completed every task, and some have gone so far to say it’s among the easiest Sony-published platinums. Also, if you’re feeling generous, many Best Buy stores have been clearing out the Helghast edition. This will give your gamer some neat toys, with the addition of a DLC-pack containing more easy trophies.


While it’s good to find a suitable choice for the gamer in your life, sometimes they can be an arrogant. Due to this, you can always pick them up a game that will knock them off their high horse; that is, if you’re feeling devilish. If that’s your goal, then I strongly suggest picking up the following title. Best of all, most places are selling it for $9.99!


Lost Planet 2

Easily among the top-10 hardest platinums, and in my personal opinion the hardest, Lost Planet 2 was merciless for the trophy hunter. The game features roughly 550 tasks required to finish, many of which border on the insane. Some tasks, like having eight players taunt at the same time, get 10,000+ damage with an Akrid VS, and play the campaign over 14 times, are among the less reasonable tasks. I say less reasonable because at some point you had to be Number 1 in the world on a leaderboard that has never been reset (good luck after 1.5 years), in addition to the minimal 15 weeks it takes to do the last tasks. If you’re unsure of the difficulty, check out the PSNProfile statistic of .38% for platinum’s (62/16,213). This game is more than enough to bring that braggart down a peg.


While many other easy games are out there, these are among the easiest around. There are plenty of fine selections that may require some skill, like Red Faction Armageddon, or time, like Dead Rising 2 Off the Record.  That being said, make sure to look for a solid price. Many of the games listed here can easily be found for fewer than 20 bucks.

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