Dec 16, 2011

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Gamer Who Has Everything

Holiday Gift Guide: The Gamer Who Has Everything

The worst person on everyone’s Christmas list is the guy (or girl) who seems to have everything. In the case of gamers, it means you can’t find anything to buy them: they have all the games they want, they own every console and handheld, and they have every accessory in triplicate.  Vivid Gamer feels your pain, and so we’ve come up with an extensive list for those hard-to-buy-for gamers on your list. Best of all, the list is sorted by price range, so depending on how much you have to spend (or how generous you feel like being), you’re sure to find something to get even the most difficult-to-buy-for person on your list.


Under $25

Health Energy Potions

$3.99 – $19.99

Every hardcore gamer can appreciate energy drinks for those late-night gaming sessions. But why settle for something boring you can pick up at your local Circle K when you could give something more hobby-appropriate? Each tiny vial includes 160mg of caffeine (the equivalent of two cans of Red Bull); plus as a true health drink, it includes stuff that’s good for you, like folic acid and ginseng, and it’s sugar free, so you won’t crash. Each one provides 5-8 hours of energy, so your gamer friend is sure to want to make room in his inventory for one of these. Available singly or in a six-pack; a Mana Potion version is also available, for those late-night boss battles.

Available at


1940s Aperture Science Mug


Remind everyone at the office that you do “What you must because you can,” with this 1940s Aperture Science logo mug. The 15-oz mug* has the print on both sides, and is white with a black exterior. Drink your coffee with science!

*Contains no asbestos. Or shower curtains.

Available from the Valve Store (you might want to package it in the Companion Cube giftbox).


Skyrim Dragon Print


I wanted to include the awesome felt version of the Dragonborn helmet, but they are completely sold out and not taking any new orders. Instead, decorate your walls with this amazing unique print featuring a dragon from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Even if you don’t like The Elder Scrolls, it’s a pretty epic piece of art any gamer is sure to appreciate. This price is for the 8×11″ print, but other sizes are available. These are limited print runs, and each is printed on high-quality art paper and signed by the artist.

Available from Etsy.