Dec 14, 2011

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Club Nintendo Relaunches With New Website, Rewards

Club Nintendo Relaunches With New Website, Rewards

It seems like a lot of websites are revamping lately–Google is shifting to a new, “cleaner” look, Twitter just updated, and now it looks like Club Nintendo has also undergone a remodel. While I normally don’t like redesigns, I have to say that Nintendo did well with its new Club Nintendo website.

The new design keeps everything clean and visible, with a new icon at the top displaying your username along with a slider indicating your progress toward gold (or platinum) for the current club year. Beside it are the top links you’ll be after, including rewards, earn coins, register, and help. Below that, prominently displayed in boxart slideshow, is your “To Do” list, giving you a list of all the games you still have to complete surveys on, the amount of coins you’ll earn, and when the survey expires. This makes it easier to see what you have left to do, and also less likely that you’ll forget to complete a survey and lose the coins because of expiration.

Below that are the latest new rewards, with coin values, and below that are a few “hotkeys” for registering new devices, Nintendo of America’s twitter account, and more.

So far, everything seems to run really smoothly; the rewards section has also been revamped, with featured games at the top you can redeem with your coins. These games will be available for a limited time, and apparently the selection will change approximately every month.  Although this feature had been announced previously, I have to say it’s nice to get the opportunity to spend your coins on games and not just items. New items are now clearly marked with a “new” label and navigation is easy.

In addition to the four downloadable games you can redeem your coins for, Nintendo has several new rewards, including notebooks, a Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Poster set, and a pen case. Also relatively new are Mario-themed shoelaces and t-shirt.

If you don’t already have a Club Nintendo account, it’s worth signing up.  Even if you don’t buy a ton of Nintendo-published games, now that you can redeem coins for downloadable titles (at only 100 or so coins each), it’ll only take a couple games for you to start reaping the benefits.