Dec 13, 2011

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Atlus Teases New Reveal [Updated w/ 4th Clue]

Atlus Teases New Reveal [Updated w/ 4th Clue]

Yesterday, Atlus Faithfuls were treated to a special email. Inside this email was a clue, or hint, about their upcoming game reveal. So far, only two clues have been shown; one via email and the second on Facebook.

Guesses for what title Atlus will be revealing have ranged from Growlanser to something called GPersona 5R. While the first guess seems highly likely, that second might just be fans grasping on to hope for the next Persona title. Myself, I’m leaning towards a new Growlanser release. Here is the current list of clues for those who want to take a guess themselves.

  1. First letter of the game’s title begins with a G
  2. Last letter of the game’s title ends with a R
  3. It can best be described as an SRPG, or Strategy RPG
  4. It is the 4th release in its series.

Stay with us as we keep this article updated with all the clues.

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