Dec 12, 2011

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Indie Royale Xmas Bundle Now Available

Indie Royale Xmas Bundle Now Available

Ever since the Humble Indie Bundle hit it big, a few “copy cat” bundles have appeared, including the Indie Royale.  Unlike the Humble Indie Bundle, Indie Royale works a little differently. While the Indie Royale does allow you to set your own prices, they don’t give you quite the same freedom as the Humble Indie Bundles do–instead of setting any price you want, the “low” price is set based on how many people have purchased the bundle, and how much they chose to pay.  The more money you pay for your bundle, the lower that “low” price goes for everyone else.

As people buy the bundle, the minimum price for the bundle rises, and you’ll have to pay over this amount if you want to purchase a bundle of your own. However, people can also pay over the minimum amount to knock the price down. Hence, the current price will keep changing as the week goes on!

The latest bundle features:

  1. The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered – available on: windows, desura, steam (pc)
    *WORLD PREMIERE* inc. new voices, commentary
  2. Eets – available on: windows, desura, steam (pc and mac)
    Cult 2D puzzle platformer from the makers of Shank
  3. Dino D-Day – available on: steam (pc)
    Fight Velociraptors and Nazis in this Source Engine-powered FPS
  4. The Oil Blue – available on: windows, desura
    Overlooked, satirical oil-drilling action sim

Also unlike the Humble Indie Bundle, you are out of luck for most of the games if you don’t own a PC.  If you like to support indie developers, pop over to the site and get your bundle today, or reserve one as a friend! They make great gifts.

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