Dec 10, 2011

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Dragons vs Unicorns Debut Trailer

Dragons vs Unicorns Debut Trailer

New social game developer Digital Harmony Games has revealed its first gameplay video for the company’s first game, Dragons Vs. Unicorns, available for iOS devices, Android smartphones and tablets, and PC and Mac browsers next year.

In this game, players send their minions to the other side of the battle field to destroy the enemies’ castle. The game will feature single player, versus multiplayer, and social connectivity.  The trailer below shows cats punching and blowing up turtles while bats come in and blow up the cats, suicide-bomber style. Take a look:

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty epic, huh?

Currently the bunny, turtle, cat, and bat are the only announced minions, but you can tweet your guesses on what minion is going to be announced next at the developer’s twitter page @digiharmgames.

For more info on this new developer, you can check out their official website.

[Source: Digital Harmony Games]