Dec 9, 2011

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Winter Wolves Announces Otome Dating/ Farming Sim “Winter in Fairbrook”

Winter Wolves Announces Otome Dating/ Farming Sim “Winter in Fairbrook”

Winter Wolves, developers of several popular and award-winning life sim and role playing games, had just announced the release of their latest otome dating/ farming sim The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook.

The dating and farming simulation title is set after the first The Flower Shop title, Summer in Fairbrook. However, players won’t need to play the first one in order to fully enjoy this one. The game follows the story of Natalie, a college student, who just wants a break after making it through her first semester of college. Her parents, however, have other plans and soon Natalie is sent to Fairbrook to be employed at the local flower shop.

Winter in Fairbrook will feature characters from the previous title such as Clara, Susana, Steve, Trent, and Jacob. There is also a new “entry” in town: Ryan, who runs the general store. So Natalie has a nice selection of people she can get to know and possibly fall in love with.

As with most other titles in the dating sim genre, you can plan out your weeks to include time for work, social interactions, and time to unwind. A full flower raising simulator is incorporated into the game as a way for Natalie to grow her own flowers and sell them for profit.

The demo is available along with the full game on Winter Wolves’ official website. There is a one-time activation fee for the title so that no extra downloads are needed.

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