Dec 9, 2011

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Bastion DLC Announced

Bastion DLC Announced

Supergiant Games hit Bastion is getting it’s first (and likely last) piece of downloadable content next week.  “The Stranger’s Dream” will be released next Wednesday and will either be free or sold at a low cost depending on your platform.

The Stranger’s Dream adds a new, fully-narrated “Who Knows Where” sequence that is unlocked upon completing the main campaign.  Those looking for an even tougher challenge are in for a treat because Supergiant has called the section the hardest in the game.  Persevering unlocks additional insight into Ruck’s backstory as well as the history of Caelondia.  There’s also the addition of a new Score Attack Mode as well as a new super-easy game mode called No-Sweat.

For those that purchased the game through Steam or Chrome, you’ll be able to get the download for free.  Unfortunately, Xbox 360 users will have to dish out some Microsoft points, thanks to Microsoft insisting that developers charge for DLC (see Valve for details).  Luckily, it’s at the low and very affordable price of 80 Microsoft points ($1 US).

If you’ve yet to check out Bastion, I highly recommend you do so.  Some are regarding it as the best downloadable title of the year and for more details, read my review here.  Bastion is available for 1200 points through XBLA or $15 on Steam, Origin, and other PC platforms.

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