Dec 8, 2011

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Worms Party Review

Worms Party Review

In an over-saturated iPhone game market, it gets pretty difficult to wade through shovelware and terrible games to find gems. But when you find a game like Worms Party, it definitely makes the pain of searching worthwhile. Worms Party, developed by White Zebra and Avallon Alliance, takes full advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities and delivers a stellar portable experience that is both fun and addicting.

The story, which doesn’t play a huge factor in the game, revolves around Larry the Worm falling asleep during a party and his friends strapping and lighting a rocket on his back. This causes him to be thrust forward into a never-ending field of debris at speeds reaching a maximum of 160 mph, setting the stage for the addictive gameplay of Worms Party. Though the story isn’t a main focus of the game, it’s nice to see some thought put into the narrative.

The main objective of the game is to last as long as you can without hitting obstacles that spawn in Larry’s way. This gets increasingly difficult as Larry’s rocket speed increases until it hits its max, causing debris to fly at you in quick succession. The game screen, which is split into hemispheres (underground and the surface), allows you to control Larry by tapping above ground to make Larry jump or underground to cause Larry to tunnel. You can also tap in rhythm or slide your finger back and forth to make Larry move in “waves,” which is a mechanism used to complete certain missions. This control scheme works well for the most part, but can be problematic at times. On rare occasions, I found myself hitting the pause button by accident, ruining the run I was on. Also, the wave mechanic isn’t used in any intuitive way during the game, which I found puzzling. All that aside, the controls are very responsive and work well with the premise of the game, allowing for engaging, challenging gameplay while still being fair.

Worms Party is able to keep its gameplay fresh by adding missions, similar to the objectives found in Tiny Wings. Certain objectives have you dodging obstacles for a specific number of feet, hitting particular types of obstacles, completing a certain number of “waves,” and even crashing in a certain location. These missions contribute to the addictive nature of the game in a big way and add to the difficulty without feeling cheap or annoying. The missions also add a significant amount of replayability, which would be nonexistent if the detailed objectives were not included. During your quest to complete the missions, you are helped by two main power ups (one that adds to your health and the other that keeps you invulnerable from the next obstacle you hit). Both power ups add depth to the gameplay and provide some much needed help during the later missions.

The graphics suit the game well, having bright, bold colors that work with the cartoony art style and whimsical nature of the game. Though it’s not the best looking game out there, it doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of and is one of the better looking iPhone games on the market. The sound design is also spot on for the title, but if you get tired of hearing any of the sound effects or music, you can always opt to turn it off.

Worms Party is a great game that utilizes the iPhone’s capabilities to its advantage, creating an experience that is both fun and addictive. The gameplay, combined with the mission list, mesh well together, and the graphics do enough to enhance the experience rather than mar it. If you’re in the hunt for a quick, inexpensive iPhone game, then definitely give Worms Party a chance to burrow into your apps.

Worms Party

Platform: iPhone (Reviewed), Android, Windows Phone 7, PC
Genre: Arcade
Release Date: 11/21/11
Developer: White Zebra, Avallon Alliance Ltd.
Publisher: White Zebra, Avallon Alliance Ltd.
ESRB Rating: 4+
MSRP: $0.99