Dec 8, 2011

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PSN Accounts Linked to Memory Cards, Not Vita

PSN Accounts Linked to Memory Cards, Not Vita

Last week, word surfaced that the Vita would be limited to one PSN account unless you were willing to do a factory reset, basically digitally region-locking the system.  However, today Sony issued a clarification.

The system itself is not limited to one PSN account, apparently. Instead, each memory card is limited to one account. Although do to the pricing of Sony’s propriety Vita memory cards, having more than one PSN account could get pricey, it’s apparently possible to have multiple accounts, each linked to its own memory card. Of course, if you only have one account, you can always link it to additional cards if you need or want to.

This is good (if expensive) news for those who enjoy downloading from the Japanese or European PSN stores.

[Source: GamePodunk]