Dec 8, 2011

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Microsoft Releases Official Xbox LIVE App

Microsoft Releases Official Xbox LIVE App

Microsoft has released an official Xbox LIVE App for the iPhone.  My Xbox Live is a free app that acts as a mobile companion for members letting users send messages to friends, manage lists, edit profiles, and even look at your achievements.

The presentation is similar to that of Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 7 and includes videos often found on the dashboard like Inside Xbox and Major’s Minute.  The interface is smooth and aside from minor hiccups, works surprisingly well.  Players avatars are vibrant and act like their console counterparts while the added beacon ability is appreciated.  The included sounds from the Xbox 360 are a nice touch and blows the other paid apps out of the water.  Some users have been experiencing some login issues, but it appears as if the problems have subsided.

Get the app here -

My Xbox Live - iPhone

[Source: Major Nelson]