Dec 8, 2011

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Legendary Outlaw Review

Legendary Outlaw Review

Most games put you in the position of saving the world or rescuing a princess, but very few have you be legitimately evil. Game Tongue Software’s Legendary Outlaw hopes to change that by putting you in the shoes of a heartless, homicidal outlaw. While this sounds good on paper, Legendary Outlaw suffers from a few oddities that keep this great idea from becoming truly legendary.

You play through the game as soulless outlaw Colt Kaufman as he does anything to achieve fame and fortune. You guide Colt through twelve dark levels, killing anybody that gets in your way. You shoot loads of guns, chop through lawmen with axes, even perform Matrix-style bullet-time moves such as running up walls and doing barrel rolls. The graphics look good for an iPhone game and kind of remind me of old Dreamcast games. After playing this game, I can’t help but feel like its trying to be Fallout; you know, if Fallout was a linear, dark cowboy game. It crams so many features into a small package, you can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed.

It has stealth bits where you hide in the dark to kill your unsuspecting victims with an axe, there’s fist-fighting, and dual- pistol shooting all in one game and all accessible on your small iPhone screen. You can “level up” abilities such as regenerating health by gaining experience points. Legendary Outlaw also features an AI system where enemies hear you and try to find you. They even call for back-up to locate you.

That all being said, the thing holding back Legendary Outlaw is the gameplay. It uses a virtual stick for movement and swiping your finger to move the camera. The game likes to confuse the two a lot. You probably want to move away from an enemy, but instead your camera swooshes backward and then you’re spotted and shot to death. The virtual stick also sometimes thinks you want Colt to walk instead of run, making him move at a snail-like speed, which isn’t ideal when facing the lawless. When you do kill the people standing in your way, they tend to spaz out and die in very weird ways (again, like Fallout). You can switch your weapons on the fly even in the heat of battle, but doing so takes ages, which means you’ll probably be shot dead before you get to your preferred weapon. The bullet-time feature also has a few issues with a jerky camera and a weird bullet cam that just doesn’t work.

Legendary Outlaw definitely has one thing going for it: a great idea. A story where we play a lawless cowboy who has no intention of becoming an anti-hero has great storyline potential. Which is why it’s disappointing that the gameplay is very lackluster. It just feels like the game isn’t finished. Maybe with a few tweaks and fixes, it could be a really cool iPhone game, but for now it’s not worth it.

Legendary Outlaw
Platform: iPhone, iPad
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Release Date: November 30, 2011
Developer: Game Tongue Software
Publisher: Game Tongue Software
ESRB Rating: 12 +
MSRP: $2.99