Dec 1, 2011

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The Sims FreePlay Coming Soon to iOS

The Sims FreePlay Coming Soon to iOS

Though it isn’t the first time that gamers have been able to play The Sims on their iOS devices, The Sims FreePlay is EA’s first attempt at bringing the popular life simulation game to the iOS for free. While the game will be free, it will offer in-game purchases to add to your gaming experience. This process has been done in a lot of other iOS games and in games on Facebook. Personally, I like this set-up for certain games as it gives gamers the freedom to pick and choose what extras, if any, they want to pay for and use in a game.

The Sims FreePlay is just like any other in the series. You control up to 16 Sims, from interactions with other Sims to their jobs, pets, and other everyday tasks. EA bills this game as the deepest experience one can get on mobile devices and from the looks and sounds of it, they just might be correct. As you control your Sims, you will earn Simoleans which is the currency used in the series to purchase new items and decorations. For those who rather earn the Simoleans in a faster way can purchase the Lifestyle Points to unlock things.You are not limited to interactions with just your Sims and other NPC ones but can choose to interact with your friends’ Sims. This isn’t the only social feature in the game as you can access a leaderboard to see where you stand among friends. The leaderboard tracks what achievements you have unlocked.

One thing that stands out to me is how EA is planning to keep the title free with the use of brand sponsorship. Currently, it appears that EA has teamed up with Toyota to offer Toyota cars for purchase in the game. The options are unlimited as to who EA can team up with in regards to extras that can be made available to players.

Given how popular The Sims Social is on Facebook (second only to Farmville), it will be no surprise to see this game gain millions of players when it releases in a few weeks.

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