Dec 1, 2011

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Microsoft Sells Nearly 1M 360s During Black Friday

Microsoft Sells Nearly 1M 360s During Black Friday

Even though America is dealing with a recession, that didn’t stop consumers from spending insane amounts of money at retailers this past Black Friday.  Americans spent over $11.4 billion last Friday, and after such huge sales, companies have been quick to brag about their profits.  Nintendo struck first, saying that they sold more than 500,00 Wiis over the holiday, but Microsoft has come back with a figure that not only beats their numbers, but has broken the record for most 360s sold in one week.

As Microsoft put it in the press release:

“Xbox 360 sold more than 960,000 consoles in the U.S. alone, of which more than 800,000 were sold within a period of 24 hours.”

The record isn’t surprising, given the consoles scaled-back pricing, but the feat is remarkable nonetheless.  Microsoft also revealed that they moved 750,000 Kinects last week as well.  Unlike Nintendo, though, Microsoft hasn’t bragged about large sales for its major November release (Halo: CE Anniversary), which perhaps is an indication that it hasn’t sold as well as expected.  Though nothing has been confirmed, the lack of boasting on Microsoft’s part may show that numbers for their flagship franchise were less than stellar.

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