Dec 1, 2011

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Free Apps of the Day: Venan Entertainment Games

Free Apps of the Day: Venan Entertainment Games

Today marks the release of two high-profile iOS games in Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies and Infinity Blade II.  Both titles are sequels to highly touted iOS games, and both feature premium prices, setting buyers back $6.99 each.  If you’re one of the people out there not willing to spend $15 on two games, or possibly just looking for some great free games, Venan Entertainment has got your fix.  Each of their six titles (two of which are HD iPad versions) are free in honor of their newest release, Book of Heroes.  Read on for short summaries of each game.

Book of Heroes is a freemium RPG complete with quests and three unique classes.  Heroes can be customized and outfitted as they battle an army of beautifully-rendered hand-painted foes.  With over 75 unique quests, powerful bosses with rare drops, and the ability to use Game Center to share progress with friends, Book of Heroes looks to be the next big Venan Entertainment hit.

Check out Book of Heroes here.

Space Miner is the critically acclaimed action RPG that won multiple awards, including 2010 iPhone Game of the Year by Touch Arcade and EGM.  It’s been called one of the best original games to hit the iOS store, and features a non-linear story set over 48 different sectors.  With top-notch writing, gorgeous 3D graphics, and tons of replay value with new game +, there’s really no reason not to download this awesome title.  Throw in the fact that it normally sells for $2.99, and you’ve got a free offer that can’t be passed up.

Check out Space Miner here. (HD version available for iPads.) Space Miner Blast is also free right now; check it out here.

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom is a vertical scaling game not unlike Ninjump.  Unlike Ninjump, in Ninjatown players ascend at their own will using touch controls and careful swipes.  Along the way players must dodge evil dark syrup minions, lava traps, and collect powerups to progress upwards as the game gradually increases in difficulty.  If you’ve yet to download this addictive title (even though we highlighted it when it previously went free) then you should hurry and get it while it’s free now.  One of my personal favorite iPhone games that easily took hours of my life away.

Check out Ninjatown: Trees of Doom here. (HD version available for iPads.)