Dec 1, 2011

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ESRB and CTIA Detail New Mobile Ratings Scale

ESRB and CTIA Detail New Mobile Ratings Scale

Recently, CTIA announced their Mobile Application System with the ESRB. We also learned that they have unveiled a few details regarding the new system. This new information should provide some insight as to how the organization plans to test the millions of apps currently available on the market.

The new system plans to have developers send information regarding their app via a questionnaire. Once it is submitted, the system would then instantly attach a rating that ranges from 6+ to 18+ depending on many factors. Those factors would include ones you would expect such as violence and adult content to ones that might not be something consumers would think of checking such as the third-party data sharing.

Though this new system will cover the six biggest mobile services in the world, Apple and Google have been confirmed to not be included on the list. By this, it means that nearly 500k of the apps on the App Store and nearly 300k of apps available for the Android are without a rating.But just because Apple and Google are not included in the rating system does not mean that they don’t have one in place.

Currently, Apple requires a scaling system that rates the apps on a 4+ to 17+ scale and Google only offers an optional rating system for the developer’s discretion. Google spokesperson Christopher Katsaros remarked that though they support other systems, they feel that it is best to stick with the existing Android rating system.

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