Nov 30, 2011

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Cool Skyrim Apps Come to iOS and Tablet Readers

Cool Skyrim Apps Come to iOS and Tablet Readers

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has taken the gaming world by storm, and for good reason: I’ve realized that it’s a fantastic game. With any great entertainment property, you can expect a bit of multimedia crossover. It seems Bethesda’s latest RPG is no different.

Elder Scrolls loremasters, iOS owners, and eBook readers will be excited to hear that every single one of Skyrim’s books have been converted from .txt files to formats compatible with Kindle and other eBook readers. The files can be found on Capaneus’s website – kudos to him for this sweet release. As a self-professed Elder Scrolls nerd, I love learning more about the history of the world, its events, and its people through Bethesda’s artfully written books. Now, I can open the Stanza app on my iPhone 4, find that latest volume I found in-game and read it wherever I go.

Meanwhile, iOS developer Rick Blalock wants players to tackle Skyrim’s truly massive world with a clever new app. Dragon Shout will allow you to interact with the game’s map and track your progress in interesting ways. For example, you could drop a marker at a spot with a smattering of rare Alchemy ingredients, or leave a note at a small town about someone you met or a task that needs doing. Not good enough? Blalock has plans to implement social features into the app. Users will be able to share their notes and entries with friends and other users, opening a world of potential for sharing adventures and cool finds in the land of Skyrim. The app has been submitted to Apple for certification and should be appearing on the iTunes Store in the next few days. An Android version is in development.

If you’ve been enjoying┬áSkyrim, these tech creations should tickle your fancy. In the meantime, check out our impressions and Skyrim podcast and┬ástay tuned to Vivid Gamer for our comprehensive review.

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