Nov 29, 2011

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Xbox Marketplace Update: November 29, 2011

Xbox Marketplace Update: November 29, 2011

With the amount of deals available this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here’s to hoping you got through it with your wallets intact.  Not even the Xbox LIVE Marketplace was safe from the craziness and while it wasn’t nearly as great a sale as last years, there were some pretty great downloads available (Super Meat Boy and Beyond Good & Evil.)  If you decided against grabbing one of the cheaper downloads the past few days or nothing caught your eye, there’s a few new arcade titles and a sale on some Capcom games this week.  Read on for all of the details.

Deal of the Week (Gold Members)

November 29 – December 5

Capcom Combat

  • Age of Booty - 400 pts 200 pts – Get your mind out of the gutter and fight for fortune and infamy in Certain Affinity and Capcom’s game of strategy and explosive action that’s fun for all ages. Outfit your ship and raise havoc on shimmering seas in lush 3D landscapes. Hone your skills in solo-play missions and fight with friends in up to 4-player split-screen mode – take on computer opponents or play online with up to 8 players over Xbox LIVE or System Link. Explore 25 multiplayer maps, free downloadable maps, and unleash your inner cartographer with a robust, easy-to-use map editor.
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - 1200 pts 600 pts- Winner of “Longest and Most Ridiculous Street Fighter II Iteration Ever” and also countless amounts of awards over the years, the grandaddy of most fighters today is back prettier then ever.  With gorgeously hand-made new characters and the classic gameplay you love, check out the original one on one fighter in beautifully rendered HD.
  • Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting - 400 pts 200 pts – For those that prefer the more traditional look for SFII, this version is more similar to the arcade classic we all remember from yesteryear.  Choose from 12 combatants as you fight your way to becoming the world champion.
  • Final Fight: Double Impact - 800 pts 400 pts – Final Fight: Double Impact takes you on a hard-hitting journey through Capcom history with the ultimate versions of arcade classics Final Fight and Magic Sword. Double  Impact slams into your home with seamless online and local co-op multiplayer, new music by acclaimed remixologists, HD-filtered graphics, a host of unlockables to discover, and an integrated online leaderboard to prove your mettle!

Xbox LIVE Arcade


Release Date: November 30, 2011
Price: 800 pts
Developer: Behaviour
Publisher: THQ Inc

From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The Legend of Voltron. Defender of the Universe. A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil. Take control of your favorite Lion and join forces on Xbox LIVE to defend the Far Universe. Visit iconic locations from classic series including Arus and Planet Doom. Take on enemy forces in four different game modes. Battle Zarkon’s minions in Survivor Mode as a pilot, engage in ground assaults in Lion Mode or cross the glalaxy in Space Mode, or coop with four friends in Voltron Mode to confront massive Robeasts! Voltron fans, Mega-Thrusters are go!

Scene It? Movie Night: Mega Movies

Release Date: November 30, 2011
Price: 800 pts
Developer: Screen Life
Publisher: Sarbakan

Are you familiar with the Scene It? board games?  This title spans the biggest blockbusters in cinema history from The Godfather to modern must-sees like The Social Network (and as you’ll see in the trailer, stuff for people like us, like Transformers!)  through 14 different kinds of competitive puzzles. A great game for party play to find out who is truly a movie maven and who fell asleep in the theatre.

*Note: For our readers in Europe, Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched) is being released tomorrow for you as well. Check out my review of the game here.

Games on Demand

  • MX vs. ATV Alive – $19.99 - Own the competition as you wrestle for position with tightly contested racing in the fifth iteration of the MX vs ATV franchise. Feel the realism of the revolutionary real-world physics engine which has defined the racing genre. Live the sport as Alive captures the spectacle of motocross and the essence of competitive racing while providing the best riders and gear from the latest manufacturers.
  • Apache: Air Assault – $49.99 – Apache: Air Assault is a modern combat flight simulation game where players control a variety of lethal Apache attack helicopters outfitted with cutting-edge military weaponry. The goal is to prevent terrorist attacks by raining down destruction from above in the world’s most volatile warzones.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 (Requires Kinect) – $39.99 – Kung Fu Panda 2 the video game begins where the movie leaves off, as Po and the Furious Five venture out to save kung fu from a new evil threat. Only with Kinect for Xbox 360 will Po teach players key kung fu moves and train them for impending battles against new, never-before-seen enemies, co-created by THQ and DreamWorks Animation. Utilizing Kinect, players will then seemingly transform into Po as they block, dodge, duck, punch and kick, no controller required.
  • James Bond 007: Blood Stone – $49.99 – An international conspiracy has placed the UK’s most secretive bio-chemical project into deadly hands, and only Her Majesty’s most lethal agent, James Bond, can unravel the mystery. To navigate through layers of corruption, you, as Bond, will embark on a global chase that will have you battling on land, sea, and air through Athens, Istanbul, Monaco, and Bangkok. Nothing is what it seems as each adventure reveals a deeper more sinister conspiracy. Engage in precise cover™ based gunplay and tactical firefights, and speed your way through explosive adrenaline-fuelled driving sequences. Become Bond as he engages in intense hand-to-hand combat and uses his environment to finish off enemies. Take the battle online in 16-person multiplayer mode that requires skill, teamwork and strategy as you compete in matches that will have spies battling mercenaries. In the fight to prevent the world’s most dangerous weapon from falling into the wrong hands, you’ll need to be the ultimate secret agent.

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