Nov 26, 2011

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Cthulhu’s Crazy Nightmare Before Christmas

Cthulhu’s Crazy Nightmare Before Christmas


Indie developer Red Wasp Design released a rather intriguing Cthulhu-themed advent calendar for mobile devices. The Cthulu Christmas Calendar looks to be a fun way for fans of the horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft. Each day presents original artwork of the monsters from the cult stories fused with the festiveness of Christmas.

But the new and original artwork is not the only thing that this mobile advent calendar app offers. Each day, starting on the first of December, you are treated with art for the day and a question related to the image. Then on Christmas Day, your score will be revealed along with the final festive artwork. This is a nice way to test your knowledge of the Cthulhu mythos.

Cthulhu Christmas Calendar is available for all iOS devices and the Android. Priced at $ .99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch, $1.99 for the iPad 1/2, and $ .99 for the Android, this might be a nice gift for the Lovecraft cultist.

[Source: Red Wasp Design]