Nov 25, 2011

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Mamba Nation Battle Review

Mamba Nation Battle Review

Got a grudge against one of your Facebook friends? Want to dress up as Batman or Freddy Kruger and beat up a random stranger with an axe while you’re waiting in line at the bank? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Bulkypix’s new iPhone game Mamba Nation Battle might be for you, but is it worth a download? Read on to find out.

Mamba Nation Battle is actually a small spin-off game of a Facebook app called Mamba Nation, which is a browser game fairly similar to Second Life, but a little more family friendly. Mamba Nation Battle, however, is a lot simpler than that. MNB is all about one thing: beating down your enemies and your Facebook friends, of course.When you first load up the game, you create a character. You can make them as wacky as you want, considering there a lot of options to go through. You can change things like clothes, shoes, hats, and hair. There’s even a randomize button for when you just can’t make a decision. You can’t change anything specific like hair color, but you can still make a pretty cool character. You can even change your weapon. The weapons don’t have attack values, but your character looks cool holding them.

After you create your crazy character, you’re ready to fight. You can fight your Facebook friends who also have the game or face a random fighter. To fight, you have a certain number of “action slots.” You fill these action slots with different moves. You can put the moves in any order you want as long as you fill the action slots. Once you finish choosing your moves, you’re in the fight. You don’t control your avatar, but you can watch it kick butt or wallow in defeat. Sometimes your avatar will execute a finishing move that is both satisfyingly awesome, but also devastating when the move is used on you.

After a certain number of wins, you’re rewarded more slots or sometimes new avatar items. You’re only allowed a certain number fights every few hours, but you can still “train” with as many people as you want. The graphics are good and look very similar to its browser-based predecessor, which is good for veterans of the game. If there was anything I could complain about, it would be the lack of any music. The only sounds in the game are the noises your avatar makes when they get pummeled. A little menu music or fight music during the battles would be great considering you can’t listen to your iPod music while the app is running.

Despite the music let down, Mamba Nation Battle is actually fun and addicting. The little cheers and noises the avatars make are hilarious, and it’s very fun to knock down your Facebook friends. This is a great game to play when waiting in line for a roller coaster or sitting at home with nothing to do. The game is free on iTunes, so why not pick it up?

Mamba Nation Battle
Platform: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Req iOS 3.2 or later)
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: Nov 22, 2011
Developer: BULKYPIX
Publisher: BULKYPIX
ESRB Rating: 9+
MSRP: Free