Nov 16, 2011

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Xbox Marketplace Update: November 16, 2011

Xbox Marketplace Update: November 16, 2011

Yesterday marked the ten-year anniversary of Microsoft’s original Xbox, as well as the monumental FPS Halo: Combat Evolved.  In honor of the event, 343 Studios and Microsoft released an anniversary edition of the title with newly rendered graphics, yet retained the classic gameplay we all remember so fondly.  Though there really isn’t much in terms of a “Deal of the Week,” there are a few studios displaying some decent discounts, so hopefully that will tide us all over until next week’s Black Friday craziness.

Deal of the Week

November 15 – November 21

  • Ms. Splosion Man – 800 pts 400 pts – Download the sequel to Twisted Pixel’s hit Splosion Man, with more crazy levels, a unique multiplayer campaign, wacky bosses, and all the platforming fun of the original.  For a more in-depth look at why you should download this great game, read my review here.

2K Games Sale

  • Axel & Pixel - 400 pts
  • Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom - 400 pts
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates! - 600 pts
  • The Darkness - $14.99
  • MLB Manager - $19.99
  • Topspin 3 - $19.99
  • Prey - $14.99

Bioshock 2 Items:

  • Minerva’s Den – 400 pts
  • The Protector Trials – 200 pts
  • Rapture Metro – 400 pts
  • Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack – 200 pts
  • Avatar Item: Big Sister Outfit (M) – 160 pts
  • Avatar Item: Big Sister Outfit (F) – 160 pts

Borderlands Items:

  • Claptrap’s New Revolution – 400 pts
  • The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned – 400 pts
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx – 400 pts
  • Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot – 400 pts
  • Avatar Item: Bandit Mask – 80 pts
  • Avatar Item: Claptrap - 160 pts

Mafia II Items:

  • Joe’s Adventure – 400 pts
  • Jimmy’s Vendetta – 400 pts
  • Avatar Item: Henry’s Suit (M) – 120 pts
  • Avatar Item: Henry’s Suit (F) – 120 pts
  • Avatar Item: Fedora – 80 pts

Xbox LIVE Arcade


Release Date: November 16, 2011
Price: 800 pts
Developer: WXP Games
Publisher: Valcon Games

XOTIC is a completely new hybrid of shooter; rack up massive point chains, play on 23 levels, and compete globally. Create transparent aerial landing platforms while going for some arcade-style point pick-ups. Use power-ups to boost your abilities. And fire up eight upgradeable weapons to combat the minions of the Orb. All while roaming beautiful but mysterious environments. You’ll see stuff you’ve never seen before, because there’s never been a game like this before.

Games on Demand

  • Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush – $19.99 – It’s time for kick off! Team up with the coolest and craziest kids ever to play football. Choose from a variety of playing options – including a super-charged Story Mode, or kick into Multi-player Mode to play pick up games with * Multiple gameplay modes including story mode, pick up mode and tournament mode * Play with up to 4 friends at once * 12 all new fields * Explosive Power-Ups * Addicting Mini-Games.
  • BOMBERMAN Act: Zero – $19.99 – This reimagining of the classic hero flopped when it released and it would serve buyers better to instead download one of the arcade versions.
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 – $29.99 – The latest title in the hit action game series “DYNASTY WARRIORS” is finally here! With a brand new Renbu System, it delivers all of the fast-paced action of a kung-fu movie! Experience the thrill of being an army unto oneself with extreme action backed by entirely new character actions and graphics, and battlefields featuring dramatically enhanced realism and strategic thinking!

Notable DLC

  • Halo: Reach Anniversary Map Pack1200 pts – This map pack includes seven Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary maps for use in Reach.  That’s six competitive maps, one new firefight mission and 250 more gamerscore available.
  • Xbox Anniversary Avatar Prop – Free – Check out the prop in action on your avatar here.
  • Saints Row: The Third Season Pass – 1600 pts – Much like Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3 (coincidence?) this season pass gives gamers the ability to download three upcoming mission packs for Saints Row: The Third as well as early access to goodies like new costumes.
  • Michael Phelps: Push The Limit Demo – Get inspired by the greatest athlete ever – Michael Phelps! For the first time ever, experience the fun, fitness and sporting excellence of head to head swimming on Kinect. With innovative, motion-controlled gameplay technology, you can turn your living room into a king-sized pool – big enough for the whole family or a bunch of friends! Splash into Quick Play for a casual match against friends and family, or dive into the world of competitive swimming for a chance to take on Michael Phelps.