Nov 16, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Section 8 Prejudice + Overdrive DLC

Trophy Guide: Section 8 Prejudice + Overdrive DLC

Gotta Cap ‘Em All

Capture each Control Point at least once in a game on a large map.

All large maps have three or more capture points. To get this trophy you need to hack and hold the point till it captures at all locations. This is only doable in Conquest, but might take a few tries.


Customize your armor type.

You get one for beating campaign, one for playing the original game, and two different ones are in different DLC packs. Simply select the other for a load out.

Get to da CHAPPA

Survive against the Elimination mission.

This is mostly luck based, but using the mech helps.

Oh, the Irony

Repair a supply depot to full health.

Just heal a supply depot till you can’t anymore. Most likely you will do this in Swarm anyways.

Mission Possible

Participate in each DCM successfully in a ranked match.

So good news is that you need to win the DCM or do most of it for medals. Bad news is that some are extremely rare, like infiltrator. Sooner or later you will win them all, but some are just insanely hard to win. For this trophy your team needs to do the task. You don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want to.

Money in the Banana Stand

Purchase every Vehicle and Deployable.

Most of these happen in campaign and the rest will happen in natural play. If you’re worried about this then save up $180 for a tank as quickly as possible.

My Little Friend

Kill an enemy with a Micro Beacon.

Very similar to the siphon tool trophy. Get an enemy low on heath and then hit them with it. Ideally it will kill them. If you fail, then retry.