Nov 16, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Section 8 Prejudice + Overdrive DLC

Trophy Guide: Section 8 Prejudice + Overdrive DLC

Garbage Day!

Complete a ranked match with the highest combat score using only the pistol. (12 or more)

I did this in a real game and it wasn’t too bad. The pistol is actually a very good gun, but requires good aim. I strongly suggest playing in a bot room with no autobalance. Try to get as many kills as possible, but if the other side has lower scores, switch. You only need to be the highest on the team and not in the overall game.

Note when it says “only” it means NOTHING ELSE.

Moving Violation

Kill an enemy by colliding with them using the bike.

In multiplayer you can buy a bike and try endlessly to run someone over. There’s no real trick to it past trying again and again.

Millennium Club

Kill 1000 enemies.

You get about 500 from the campaign and you should get the rest from Swarm.

Duck Hunt

Kill 10 enemies with the Deployable AA Turret.

  • Start an assault game.
  • Find a small opening between two bases.
  • Summon the turret.

If you don’t like this, then put one near the DCM for easy kills.

Backseat Driver

Kill an enemy with any secondary vehicle seat.

On the last campaign stage, Prejudice, you will start in a tank. Just push the dpad on another seat and kill someone.

I’m the Juggernaut…

Kill an enemy by colliding with them while overdriving.

Get an enemy low on health, then run away, then back to them. If you hit, you should kill them. If not, rinse and repeat.

Like a Boss

Reach level 50 in ranked matches.

Just play online a lot. This is only 14,000 xp and shouldn’t take more than 20 hours.

Movin’ On Up

Reach level 2 in ranked matches.

You will get this in like four kills.

Warmed Up

Win a Ranked match.

Just win a match.

32 Pieces of Flair

Earn each badge in ranked matches.

This is the worst trophy, but completely doable. Most badges are for completely random things that might not happen in every game. Some are for doing the DCM a certain way and others are for killing a lot of turrets. At any point and time you can check the dropship for a listing.

An important thing to note is that I believe the trophy is tied to the save and not the online. I say this because many of the online medals would not appear the first time I did them. Even the last couple didn’t when I got the actual trophy. They might update on a later day, but you might as well keep track by yourself.

Remember that your favorite DCM is more likely and some require the enemy to have bases. If these events don’t happen then you won’t get the DCM.


Earn each Feat in ranked matches.

Most of these will come by using other weapons, but the Tank is a BITCH. To even find a tank is rare and killing one is insanely hard. The best way I found to fight one was to find a no autobalance room then get $180 to Summon the tank. Go on the other team and damage it as best you can. More than likely someone will see it; followed by taking it. WATCH OUT if the AI get it then it will be fully powered.  Hope you can blow it and get the credit for the kill.

Were They Even Trying?

Win a ranked match while holding the enemy team to less than half your teams VP.

You need 1,000 points and there’s no way around that. So this trophy means they must have less than 500, and this is extremely possible. One time the enemy team only got 52 VP. The only real way of doing this is to hold every capture point and win every DCM. If you do this, then they shouldn’t score at all.