Nov 16, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Section 8 Prejudice + Overdrive DLC

Trophy Guide: Section 8 Prejudice + Overdrive DLC

There are two types of trophies gamers simply hate to deal with, and sadly, Section 8 Prejudice has them both. Thankfully, there are some workarounds, though if you want a quick/simple platinum, this frankly is not the right game for you.


Section 8 Prejudice isn’t really a change of pace from Section 8; this could be good or bad considering who you ask. A lot of the insanely hard trophies have been removed (thankfully), but some of the worst, like medals, are still around.  The platinum will go to those with more perseverance than skill, as so many things can go wrong. Don’t be scared off, though; while the skill is low, it will make completing this far faster!

Note: The DLC is very helpful to getting the platinum quickly. I strongly suggest you get the DLC if you have the money. Some tips will also use DLC maps; in this event I will try to suggest a DLC-less method.

Note 2: The PS3 version which this guide is based off of is worth a full platinum, but the Xbox version is only worth 200 points. All Xbox tasks appear in the PS3 version, but many of the other stuff you see is missing. Beyond the additional tasks there shouldn’t be any issues for an Xbox gamer.

Trophy Guide:

General E. Impressive

Earn all obtainable trophies for Section 8 Prejudice.

This is nothing new and your standard platinum. Keep in mind that while it says “all obtainable,” it is not including the DLC, which were also obtainable from the start, too.

Basic Training

Complete the Answers level of the Campaign.

Yay, pointless training. Section 8 is a fairly simple game and offers you nothing you can’t pick up instantly. Perhaps this will be useful for the spawning, which is a tad weird, but beyond that it will feel boring. You should have no issue completing this, and should be played on hard from the start. Also note that there is a trophy for beating the shooting event in fewer than 53 seconds.

Dig Two Graves

Complete the Beast level of the Campaign

Automatically obtained towards the end of the campaign.

Mission Accomplished 2.0

Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.

Simply beat the campaign. If you’re having issues, see “Battle-Hardened” for more help.


Complete the Campaign on hard difficulty.

This is the hard mode gamer’s love! You see, you can actually run around and do everything normally, but the AI is a good shot. This should be somewhat doable for anyone, but some parts are very annoying! These include the convoy part, which I strongly suggest a good sniper/healing tool for, and the end boss.

Unfortunately there aren’t really any good tips out here. I will say that fire helps a LOT and you should always have a comfortable weapon with you. Beyond this I suggest using mortar strikes as they’re extremely useful/powerful.

Use More Gun

Defeat the Vehicle Engineer in the Prejudice level of the Campaign before he deploys a mech.

Prejudice is also known as the game’s final level, so don’t expect this any time soon. At this point you should know that Engineer is the game’s term for God. No kidding, these guys have more life than Generals, and maybe even two. Vehicle and his buddy are mini-boss enemies, though, and will most likely be the biggest challenge you face all together. Thankfully, Vehicle is the easier to kill of the two.

He will usually leave the center stage with supplies to rush you. This isn’t going to be a problem, as he will die a lot faster. The second you see him you MUST lay down the hammer! If you kill him prior to the mech HITTING THE GROUND, then your trophy will ding. I wouldn’t worry about this too much, as I accidentally killed him fast enough on hard. If you’re having issues, lower the difficulty to trivial and kill him. Don’t worry about the “new campaign” option, either. Once you select that, you will be offered to restart on any stage you wish.

A Throne in their Side

Complete the Stormfront level of the Campaign.

This is another level you play towards the end and is cut and dry. Simply beat the level and the trophy will pop.